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I enjoyed reading the handbok as well because it is quite easy to read and very practical. I think when it comes to a lot of offered methods I always had the feeling that I have to try them myselves to find out if they fit me or not. Not every method is suitable to everyone. I can never use methods that I don’t like myself because they don’t work then 😉
I’m still thinking about our several & different roles as educators and liked the questions in the handbok to find out where I am standing at the moment and where I might have to learn more or make more experiences. I also think that self reflection is a very important point during the whole process of an analysis and that it is important to calculate time for that. For oneself and also for/with the team I’m working with.
Last but not least I feel comfortable with the approach. It looks at the whole problem with all concerned parties, searching strategically for the gap/problem and create a solution that lasts. It’s repairing the wall and not giving it only a new colour. It’s solving the cause and not only the superficial problem. The economy needs more of this 😉